Hello, mission.

The Blockchain OS was founded to bridge the best of two worlds: intense computational jobs as we know in the world today, with independency of central authorities or middle men, as seen in the decentralized world of tomorrow. Create the new world with us.

The Cartesi

The Cartesi Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Cartesi technology and the decentralization of the Cartesi network. The Foundation’s mission is to be a supporting member of the Cartesi community, alongside the many devoted contributors and participants that give Cartesi life, through funding, education, grants, strategic alliances, and other focused activities. The Foundation is committed to supporting the development of the first operating system (OS) for blockchains; bringing mainstream scalability and convenience to developers and users of decentralized applications.

Why The Blockchain OS is, and will be, decentralized

With a decentralized OS, not one company controls the features, upgrades, and rules. Everyone can have a say. When it comes to proposing new features, gathering community feedback, and documenting design decisions, the Cartesi Foundation intends to use a Cartesi Improvement Proposal (CIP). It is a formalized design document for the Cartesi community. It gives information or describes a new feature for the Cartesi network, its processes, or the ecosystem in a concise and technically sufficient way for the Cartesi community to understand.

This CIP process allows mainstream developers the flexibility to help shape the OS they want to use, i.e. “If there’s a feature you need, propose it to the community and let’s build it together”.