Create your first DApp

Once you learned how to run a simple example, it is now time to create one of your own. In order to do this, we will make use of the DApp template available in Cartesi's rollups-examples Github repository. Once again, make sure you have installed all the necessary requirements before proceeding.

Setting up the environment

First of all, clone the repository as follows:

$ git clone

Customizing the DApp

Then, use to create a customized DApp:

cd custom-dapps
./ <dapp-name>

A new directory, <dapp-name>, will be created with all the boiler plate infrastructure needed by the new DApp.

The new DApp will be provided with some basic back-end code, resembling what is available in the sample Echo Python DApp, as explained in the previous section.

Modifying the DApp logic

The back-end logic may be found at <dapp-name>/<dapp-name>.py.

The script comes with some reference code, which may be helpful during development. It may be replaced or extended according to the use case needs.