Hello, pioneers.

Cartesi Labs. A program run by the Cartesi Foundation; to fund research, to develop a decentralized system with our technology stack, to the future-minded you. From the tech pioneer to the daring developer, this is all about bringing existing software to The Blockchain OS. This is our moment to create whole new territories together.

Welcome to Labs.

For the developers, the pioneers, and the idealists, Cartesi foundation provides the step up. With extra cheques and contributions coming from crowdsourcing platforms, accredited investors, and other Cartesi partners, this is all about providing invaluable technical and strategic advice to ensure the success of our future-minded folk.

Funding for

Cartesi grants aim to foster the adoption of developers, grow the The Blockchain OS ecosystem, and support our community. Whether you’re a developer or a company, ignite your great ideas through Cartesi grants.

How to apply for grants

Just by knowing the parameters and scope of your idea takes something. Your vision, should you chose to progress with applying for funding means taking ownership. From budgets to benchmarking and from milestones to marketing, we’ll guide you along the way.